The Power of Storytelling

In today’s society people are constantly drowning in information. The countless advertisements, stories and campaigns can be overlooked if there is not a sticky message.  Storytelling can be used to create a lasting impression on people. Many times organizations and companies will use a story to relate to its audience. This technique provides a longer lasting memory.

Nike took this idea and ran with it. The Make It Count campaign published a 5-minute video went viral that followed two men’s journey around the world. The video captured the essence of stopping to enjoy the surrounding beauty, which is often forgotten by this generation.

The genius behind the campaign was the story that was told. Viewers took away a personal feeling and connection with the Nike Fuel Band rather than just viewing an ad. The popular video created a lot of buzz and successfully benefited Nike.

When creating a campaign and implementing the storytelling technique it is important to be authentic. Using a clear and relevant message is necessary for a successful campaign. Nike did all of this and that is why its story is remembered and was successful.


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