Leaders That Give Back

When organizations, program, athletes, or individuals succeed they generate media attention. This media attention is valuable to a person or company’s brand and there are many ways that this limelight can continue in a positive way. Many times a social corporate responsibility campaign can achieve this goal. Lauryn Williams and United States Olympic Committee took this idea and “ran” with it.

Williams, a four time Olympian, is the fifth person ever to medal in both Summer and Winter Olympic games. Her iconic success was put to good use when she visited Dallas Metro YMCA after-school program at Hampton Preparatory School in early May of 2014. Through the Team for Tomorrow program Williams told her story about following her dreams and was able to inspire children ages 5-12 to do the same. The Team for Tomorrow campaign gives back to communities through athlete ambassadors and youth organizations. 

From a public relations stance, the implication of a program like Team for Tomorrow brings positive attention to the organization.




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