Emotional Campaigns

Emotionally charged campaigns  can be used to intrigue the public in a heart wrenching way. The use of emotion can be both positive and negative.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is an organization that uses the heartstrings to convey its key message. The majority of the organization’s campaign work uses the negative effect to engage the audience.

The use of emotion and storytelling persuades shows the negative aftermath of a drunk driving accident.

Coca-Cola used emotion in a different way to promote its 100 years of success. Through sentimental moments Coca-Cola attempted to show its relation to a century of happiness.

Coca-Cola hoped that viewers would relate the positive feelings associated with birth to its product. This method is effective but also difficult.

Benefits of using emotionally charged campaigns:

  1. Provides a good hook to engage the audience
  2. Appeals to customers’ emotion
  3. Effective in the marketplace
  4. Using shock factor can leave lasting impact

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