Creating an infographic requires organized creativity. I found this oxymoron of an assignment challenging, yet fun.

For my PR class, I creating an infographic for The League to Save Lake Tahoe, which is an organization dedicated to preserving the environment in the Lake Tahoe basin.

As the famous saying goes, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”  Infographics have taken this concept to a new level.

Benefits of a company using infographics:

  • Information is scannable
  • Message is clear and concise
  • They are more eye-catching than printed words
  • They are fun and engaging

When I created my graphic I wanted to focus on the elements of Lake Tahoe that people find awing. The clarity and the size of the lake are found shocking even to locals. My inspiration rooted from the depth perception used in the infographic regarding MH370. When I began to build my full visual I found that I needed to think about a fact literally to transform it into a graphic. I discovered many tips throughout the process.

Best practices:

  • Pick a color scheme at the beginning and STICK TO IT
  • Think what elements you want to include and how they can tie together
  • Break up the infographic into separate parts to signify separate points
  • Make more important elements bigger


This is my creation from Piktochart!


Keep Tahoe Blue Infographic

Keep Tahoe Blue Infographic


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