Here We Go


I am excited to say that this is my first blog post from a personal account. While I have enjoyed browsing through other people’s blogs, I am ready and eager to start one of my own. As an aspiring public relations professional, this blog will center on the sports PR industry in addition to the thoughts of an Oregon Duck in sunny weather. I will explore my personal interest with a professional lens in hope of sparking conversation around a variety of topics.

My background as a ski racer has led me to a fixation on the Winter Olympics. I am in awe of the worldwide collaboration. As I have learned more about communication through the SOJC, I have figured out that my dream job would involve working in public relations for Team USA. I am excited to explore topics that involve the presence of Olympic sports in the media.

In the next seven weeks, I will be focusing my posts specifically on sports public relations. I will explore the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to crisis management, social media and corporate practices. In addition, I will be responding weekly to a Pearl by Rebecca Taylor.

All comments and questions are encouraged. Here we go!



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